Sunday, January 8, 2012

Instant Share - Share current location to twitter, facebook, SMS

Instant share help you share you current location and you status to twitter and facebook instantly from home screen widget.

* Provides 2x2, 4x2 home screen widgets, which keeps updating your current location with a static google map.
* You can turn ON/OFF whether widget needs to keep track of you movement and updating the google map.
* Clicking on the google map launches a small screen which lets you navigate the current location in google mapview.
* Basically zoom in / zoom out the current location, pan around the current location.
* Gives options to share current location to you TWITTER, FACEBOOK accounts.
* Also share the current location to yours friends through SMS.
* Prodives a tiny url in update status message to see in more detailed mapview to all your friends where you are currently located.
* Widgets are handly and quite useful. 2x2 and 4x2 gives you an option to keep your widgets compact at necessary place in workspace.

Please let me know your feedbacks and if any improvements.


  1. I always like to read your articles and following you for your new posts. Every one likes to share their updates instant. Again you provide the useful information Thanks!!!

  2. Thanks... If any improvements feedbacks for this application, please let me know.

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